Recovering from Total Knee Replacement

Date :27-Mar-2019

A knee replacement surgery is performed to cure the damaged ligaments and cartilages that hold together the knee joint in the right place. These cartilages and ligaments help the easy movement of the knee joint. If any of these gets wear out or damaged, it creates friction in the knee joint and puts extra pressure on the joint which further results in bone damage. For severe damages, knee replacement surgeries are the only way out to fix the joint.The knee has three compartments. If one of the compartments gets damaged, partial knee replacement is recommended but if more than one compartment

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A Booming New Age Therapy : Bone Marrow Concentrate (BMC) Therapy

Date :14-Sep-2018

We, the living miracles. There are these spongy tissues that occupy the hollow center cavities of the bigger bones in your body. These tissues called bone marrows are literally “factories” that aid in the production and replacement of cells that circulate in your bloodstream. The hidden treasures: stem cells! Different types of undifferentiated cells come under the category of “stem cells”. Stem cells also are known as pluripotent stem cells are basically the shapeshifters in our body ie these are the only cells which have the ability to make other types of cells.

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Find Out What Kind Of Knee Pain You Have...

Date :04-Aug-2018

Knee Pain is interfering in your daily activities.The Knee joints main function is to bend and straighten which makes movent easier. The knee can also twist and rotate, in order to perform all the action and support the entire body while doing so. If your knee has severe pain then you should take immediate treatments under a good orthopedic Doctor. Dr. M.V. Sushanth is one of the top arthroscopic surgeon in Hyderabad who provides quality care treatments at affordable rates. Dr.Sushanth is the MD&CEO of Kasturi Multispecialty Hospital. What Causes Knee Pain? Overweight of your

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The New Revolution In Orthopedics - PRP Therapy

Date :01-Aug-2018

You might have heard a lot about PRP Therapy lately. The success stories of sports stars who've been brought back to their daily sports regime due to the PRP therapy. Let us know more about PRP via the brief description given below. What is PRP Treatment or PRP Therapy? Blood consists mainly plasma along with other components like red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets. Platelets contain loads of proteins called the growth factors which facilitates clotting and in turn heals injuries. PRP or Platelet-Rich-Plasma contains an excess amount of platelets, than what is normally fou

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Stem Cell Therapy - The Ultimate Key To Unlock The Locked

Date :12-Jun-2018

Stem Cell Therapy is the therapy or treatment done so as to treat many of the degenerative or congenital diseases using stem cells. Stemcell therapy uses stem cells collected earlier to replace the destroyed ones (destroyed due to a disease). Stem cell banking and their use are important in this regard and you need to be very careful when you approach someone for the same. Kasturi hospitals, renowned for Stem Cell Therapy in Hyderabad, Secunderabad clears all your deep doubts regarding Stem cell therapy with the help of the excellent array of doctors we have at Kasturi Orthopedic Hospital in

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Are You Suffer From Hectic Back Pain?

Date :12-Jun-2018

A Herniated disc is a common condition in spinal cord area that can be highly painful and debilitating. It is also known as disc prolapse or slipped disc. The condition of the herniated disc may occur when some soft interior slips of the spinal cord are come out from a crack in the disk wall. This release of soft, jelly type part further irritates nerves in the nearby area and cause severe pain. The condition of a herniated disc can lead to weakness or numbness in the one or both limbs. What are the symptoms of Herniated disc? The symptoms of herniated disk includes· Weakness&m

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Move Easily With Total Hip Replacement Surgery

Date :12-Jun-2018

Are you suffering from severe Hip Pain??? Hip Joint Replacement is a Surgical Procedure to Remove Damaged Joint and Replace with Artificial joints made with Metal or other Plastic Components. Best Place for Total Hip Replacement Telangana Kasturi Multispeciality Hospital helps you with safe and effective Total Hip Replacement surgery in Telangana with well-advanced technologies.  Why Hip Replacement Surgery? There are a number of causes that can lead to disease of the hip joint.The most Common ones are:  Arthritis  Tumor in the hip joint  Accidents cause injury

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Endoscopic Spine Surgery

Date :17-Jul-2017

Endoscopic spine surgery is a kind of state of the art surgery that uses tiny incision or small tubular system to visualize the inside of body with the help of endoscope. Endoscopic spine surgery is also known as Minimally Invasive spine surgery that provides spine surgery with less pain and quick recovery in comparison to traditional spine surgery. Endoscopic spine surgery conserves normal spine mobility as the spine is not fused with screws and rods in the surgery. The surgery takes maximum one hour to complete and patient can get backs after few hours of surgery depending on the conditio

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Knee Replacement - Relief from Pain

Date :02-May-2017

Pain and diseases affects the overall quality of life, not just yours but the family’s as well. Knee disorders can be caused due to injuries by accident, diseases of knee, obesity and lack of physical activity, wear and tear due to age and so on. A knee replacement surgery is usually suggested when other modes of treatment do not work to cure pain and stiffness in the knee that interfere with daily like activities of the person. Benefits of knee replacement surgery : Increased mobility Relief from pain and stiffness The prosthesis can last for more than 20 years Considerably sho

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Osteoarthritis of Knee

Date :20-Jul-2016

Osteoarthritis is a joint disease caused by underlying bone and breakdown of joint cartilage. Stiffness and joint pain are the common symptoms of it. Unlike other arthritis, it does not affect other body organs. Osteoarthritis is the common form of arthritis. It mainly affects knee, joint of hands, toes and hips. Osteoarthritis on knee can result from infection or injury of the knee. Walk into Kasturi Hospitals for the advanced Knee Osteoarthritis Treatments. Knee Osteoarthritis Causes include : Mechanical stress on knee joints Low grade inflammatory process Knee joint injuries Being

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Shoulder Replacement Surgery in Hyderabad

Date :08-Apr-2016

Shoulders are the most flexible joint in the entire human body. Shoulder joint is composed with humerus, scapula, and the clavicle. Causes of Shoulder problems : Shoulder problems can be caused by many reasons. Shoulder pain can be happen to men, women and even children. It occur in people of all races. Most of the shoulder problems can be induced by the breakdown of soft tissues in the shoulder region. It mainly fall under four major category Fracture Arthritis Tendon inflammation Instability Rotator cuff tear Dislocation or Separation Number of treatment procedures are availab

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Arthroscopic Surgery by Skilled Specialists

Date :06-Feb-2016

It is surgery in which a tiny camera is used to see inside of knee. Small cuts are made to enter the camera and small surgical instrument will enter inside of knee to perform the procedure. You can use three different types of pain relief (anesthesia) for knee arthroscopy surgery: Local anesthesia: Your knee may be numbed with painkilling drugs and you can also give you medicines to relax. You stay awake. Spinal anesthesia: is also called regional anesthesia. It is injected into a space in the spine. You’ll be awake but unable to feel anything from the waist down. General anesthe

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Joint Replacement Hospital in Secunderabad

Date :15-Jan-2016

Joint Replacement is an operation to replace the damaged parts or a joint. After these surgeries the patient forgets about the pain in the joints and back to active life. The Joint Replacement Surgery can be done on knee, hip, shoulder, elbow and other small joints . Diseases which leads to Joint Replacement includes all types of arthritis and osteoarthritis, Ankylosing spondylitis, Quiet hip disease, Intra articular fractures, Nearthroses, Hip Dysplasia, and Hip fracture. Joint Replacement surgery can be done in two ways, complete (total) and incomplete (partial) according to the health o

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Joint Replacement Surgery Hyderabad

Date :30-Dec-2015

Joint Replacement Surgery Joint Replacement surgery is the best option for replacing the damaged bone and placing new one. The artificial Joint can be made of metal pieces, ceramic devices or with plastics are known as prosthesis. easily movable and healthy joints are resulting by the prosthesis design. Kasturi multi speciality hospital offers common forms of joint replacement includes Knee, hip and shoulder also performing joint replacements on elbow, ankle and wrist etc. DR.M.KASTURI is one of the best Joint Replacement Surgeon in Secunderabad provides painless affordable and fast cure t

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Increase Your Height – Thinking Of Limb Lengthening Surgery

Date :16-Jan-2015

Height is a feature what everybody aspires for. Good height enhances the overall personality and confidence. Countless options are available in the market as well as online that help you get more height. Few of these are surgical while few are non surgical methods. Height increase surgery is the topic that discussed most regarding this.Reconstruction techniques and limb lengthening can be used to replace missing bone and lengthen or straighten deformed bones. This procedures may be performed on both children and adults who have limb length discrepancies due to injuries, diseases, or birth

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Overview about Knee Replacement in Hyderabad

Date :06-Jan-2015

The area of body which is most succumbed to injuries is knee. Knee joint is a weight bearing joint that twists, bends and rotates and these motions increases the risk of Knee injuries and pain. Causes of Knee pain and knee immobility Knee Injury and Fractures State of Rheumatic arthritis (inflammation of joint followed by swelling, pain, stiffness and Joint movements) What is Knee Joint? The thigh bone (femur) and shinbone (tibia) joins together to form knee joint. Knee Cap is the covering that protects knee joint. The joint is covered by joint capsule with ligaments that provid

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Date :11-Nov-2014

Knee pain, the orthopaedic disease that affects our whole life with strong pain and suppress our life in a chair or a bed. Mainly it affects the age after 60s. If it is due to our joints, very tough to recover. We can’t stand, we can’t walk, we can’t run because of heavy pain. Always we need help from others. But there is a hope, they can do anything like youngsters. Total knee replacement surgery allows these things to us. Total knee replacement is a major surgery of replacing the knee joints by artificial plastic or metal joints. In this surgery, the damaged parts are

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Osteoporosis Treatment at Telangana

Date :28-Jul-2014

Defending Osteoporosis and Promote Bone health! Most people think bones are lifeless and doesn’t grow. But the truth is that bones have life and are growing as we age. They are living tissues made up of three major components like collagen, calcium and living bone cells which makes them flexible and strong. In children even if their growth came to a hault, they continue to make bones than they lose. It just continues to get denser till it reach to a position what experts call peak bone mass. Peak bone mass normally happens by the age of 18 to till 25. Higher the peak bone mass mean

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