Obstetrics department aims to provide medical care to woman during pregnancy including before and after birth and period following birth. This department gives clinical care for woman with various disorders associated with pregnancy, gynaecological problems etc.


The department that deals with the correction of disorders of the skeletal system and associated muscles, joints and ligaments in children and adults is called Orthopedics.
This department has equipped with state of the art outpatient treatment and restoration for all musculoskeletal conditions.


The department deals with the health of the female reproductive systems including the uterus, vagina and ovaries. This department is devoted to improve the woman’s health and research to investigate the diseases of the reproductive system.


Through individual patient care Infertility department is committed to focus issues related to pregnancy. Infertility department deals with the fertility issues related to male as well.

Surgical oncology Surgical oncology discipline focuses on the surgical administration of cancer. This department makes use of the more conservative approach using treatments like chemotherapy, radiation and radiology etc.

Medical oncology

Cancer being the major health problem this department focuses on treatment and diagnosing the cancer patients using the chemotherapeutic drugs. Broad range of basic research and clinical research is being conducted to to improve the treatments on cancer.


Diabetology department takes the patient care by incorporating the latest diagnostic advances for the prevention and cure of Diabetes. This department have a diabetic care programme helps for the early detection of diabetic disorders.


Endocrinology department that deals with the diseases associated with the endocrine system. This department is mainly focused to conduct the clinical and research on hormone related disorders and to get the best treatments to patients who have these disorders.


Gastroenterology branch deals with the digestive system and its disorders.
This department treats the patients suffering from stomach pain, ulcers, hemorrhoids and gallstones.


Cardiology department is dedicated to treat and cure the diseases associated with the heart. It includes a strong team of physicians from cardiac sub sections to treat various types of heart diseases.


Dermatology department specializes in providing the treatment to hair, nails, skin and its associated diseases.
This department is devoted to understanding and managing all aspects of skin and its diseases.


Urology department handles the extended care to various diseases like kidney stones, urological cancers, urinary difficulties, incontinence etc…
It provides extensive care to male and female patients who suffer from urinary tract.


Pediatric department deals with the diseases associated with infants, children and young adults. The departmental research provides new knowledge which applies to quality health care for the averting and treatment of illness in children.


This department deals with the treatment of diseases associated with lungs.
Detailed clinical evaluation, diagnosis and treatment is been provided to various health conditions such as Asthma, Lung cancer, insomnia and other sleep disorders.

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