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Yash jain

Dr. Shushanth has done my operation of leg fracture. The way he treats his patients is too good.

- Yash jain

Bhagawant Rao

I have been admitted to this Hospital for DVT Left Lower Limb and Dr.M.V.Sushanth and team are treated me very well. I have been discharged after four days of treatment. During the time of treatment their ambience and the nursing staff careing the patients is appreciable. I will recommend the needy to this Hospital

- Bhagawant Rao

Shiva Ram G

We visited Dr.Sushanth for my father knee pain. So much kindness in the way he speaks and friendly that he makes the patients very comfortable. My father was so happy, I would refer Dr.Sushanth at any time to my friends for Ortho care.. thank you very much sir.

- Shiva Ram G

Suraiya Mehdia

I have always been able to talk to the doctor and get my problems resolved. Coming here is like dealing with trusted family. Would not consider changing doctors.

- Suraiya Mehdia

Santosh Ramana

Visited Ortho section here, quickly got into the basics and got the job done, Dr. Sushant; POP plastered and a real quick heal of the broken fingers. All well. Thanks for the service!

- Santosh Ramana

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